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曲折、花样电脑厚料缝纫机 > GA204-105A上下送料单/双针电脑花样折缝纫机


Characteristics:Capable for 200 mocca stitchings (No.80-No.O).With the control of the buttons,the buttons,the designs can be changed freely during the sewing process,and that enables the machine to be used in different purposes.By changing the size of the sewing needles,this machine is syitable for all threads from home and abroad so as to enjoy a wide applicability and meet current current trends.All transmission parts of this machine are imported from abroad,with steady qyality and durability.Unique roller pressure foot facilities the turnabout when sewing any item.This machine is controlled by servo motor,ans easy in handling,so it requires a low technique skill with with the workers,and applicable for varieties of manufactories.Applicable for mocca sewing on the high class fur garments,leather shoes,suitcases,autocushions,sofas.sportswear,down clothes,jeans and so on.
主要技术参数Main Parameters:
   电源 Power
   200V 550W
   最高转速 Max.Sewing speed
   350转/分钟 350r.p.m
   针距 Needle distance
   针位 Stitch
   机针型号 Type of needie
   毛重 Gross weight